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Mediated By Financial Stress. A Study of Generation X Consumers. Evidence from Urban Area in Malaysia. International Trade in China. Network Vulnerability through Wi-Fi Spoofing. Wong, Win Tatt Unicat: A Panel Data Analysis. An Evidence Study from Gravity Model. Evidence from Malaysia Domestic Banks. Lee, Yong Hoong Deindustrialization: A Bless or Curse For Malaysia.

The Perception of Penang Tourists. The Case in Malaysia. A Study of Push and Pull Factors. Lim, Hong Guan S. From the Perspective of Global and Domestic Factors. A Comparison of Indonesia and Malaysia. An Analysis with Shift Share Techniques. A Case Study in Malaysia. A Primary Data Analysis. Chin, Guo Hao Perceived employer attractiveness of undergraduate students of a private higher education institution in the northern region of peninsular Malaysia.

Ong, Michelle Ern Rui The barriers of adopting green supply chain management in small medium enterprises: Mooi, Zhi Yin Mobile social media shopping: Lee, Zizun Determinants of gold price in Malaysia. Tan, Ann-Yew Factors of personal bankruptcy: Soo, Ching Pau Segmentation-free licence plate recognition using deep learning. Hemaroopini, Subramaniam Investigation of phytochemicals from calophyllum species for their cytotoxic and antioxidant activities.

Lee, Ching Hong Wireless sensor network for precision agriculture. Tan, Seng Kiat Intelligent budget planner. Siah, Bing Yi Oscillator characterization in time domain. Taranjeet Kaur, Awtar Singh Phylogenetic analyses and the repetitive patterns of tomistoma schlegelii based on mitochondria dna gene regions.

Yap, Yeannie Hui Yeng Evaluation of the anti-apoptotic property of cellular prion protien in kidney, oral and colon cancer cell lines. Liew, Chiam Wen Investigations on lithium ion conductivity and characterization of pmma-pvc based polymer electrolytes incorporating ionic liquid and nano-filler.

Lim, Boon Yong Colour image magnification. Low, Soo Yong Awareness of invasion of privacy on social networking site among youth in Malaysia: Mingwan, Ryan Leong Public perception on the factors that influence customer loyalty on purchasing sportswear in Malaysia. Yeoh, Alicia Lee Siah The watchdog role of a journalist in a politically corrupt nation: Phang, Ying Ning Synthesis and characterisation of biodegradable superabsorbent polymer derived from sodium alginate.

Loke, Elween Wei Jie Understanding the acceptance of Malaysian societies towards journalists' news gathering practices in tragedy news reporting. Leong, Soo Seang The research to the global climate change risk perception between rural and urban audiences regarding to the movie "". Lim, Michelle Xiu Hui Effectiveness of propaganda in manipulating the minds of the citizen: Aw, Nigel Heng Liang A study on the cognitive development of media literacy and its influence in limiting media effects.

Soh, Lin Chai Media coverage style of global warming and level of public acknowledgement of the issue: Goh, Vern Ann Mother-daughter relationships in the indentity formation of the daughters in the bonesetter's daughter. Goh, Vern Jan Social construction of gender in the good earth. Leong, Kwan Yi Code-switching: Tan, Renjie The kite runner as a bildungsroman of emotional maturation with the intergration of father-son relationships.

Yung, Samantha Kah Khei A study of the use of satire to express feminism in the novel pride and prejudice. Ng, Pui Yue An analysis on the effectiveness of music in advertising towards consumer's buying behavior.

Loke, Hon Leong The role of visualization: Loh, Chye Moi A study of comparison media coverage between mainstream news website the star and alternative news website the Malaysian insider on indigeous group issue in Pillay, Jennifer Yau Perception of body-esteem among adolescents and adults: T'ng, Soo Ting Antisocial behaviour among Malaysian adolescents. Lim, Tze Shin Gender differences in emotional intelligence: Lee, Yen Chiew A study of relationship between parenting styles and self-esteem: Liau, Tet Loong Design of fiber optic sensor fabrication system using electric arc.

Sweden and other 16 OECD countries. Chia, Pooi Yee Antioxidant and antimicrobial compounds From the marine algae padina antillarum. Chow, Tze Jen Identification of chemical and biological markers for schizophrenia. Loh, Jiun Yan Fatty acid enrichment and potential food source for Moina macrocopa cultivation. Wong , Chen Hin Adjudication: Ng, Vincent Chet Shen An intelligent distributed controller for a wheelchair that is operated by a brain-computer interface.

Lo, Chin Kim Simulation and construction of luminescent solar concentrator. Yap, Wei Hsum An investigation of the chemopreventive mechanisms of maslinic acid. Khoo, Kenny Kuan Yew Design and development of an embedded platform for computer vision applications. Leong, Mui Lan Phenol removal using ceramic membrane bioreactor. Tan, Dennis Eng Beng Sleep disolder recognition system. Wong, Zhen Yang Wearable power assisted pneumatic-based ankle foot orthosis.

Teng, Chun Man Wearable power-assisted pnuematic-based knee orthosis. Foo, Shi Wei Design and develop of an automated tennis ball collector and launcher robot for both able-bodied and wheelchair tennis players - ball recognition systems. An, Eng Ling Design and manufacturing of generic unmanned aerial vehicle fuselage assembly payload bay, empennage, wheel assembly and wingbox via low cost fiber glass molsing process.

Tan, Jon Wen Development of an industrial pick and place machine for gauge repeatability and reproducibility GGR measure of vision modules. Sim, Tze Heng Real time iris recognition system. Phang, Chee Hoe Design a microcontroller based motor controller with heat sensor.

Yap, Choon Kiat Design and development of line tracking and path recognition system for vision guided autonomous vehicle. Wong, Ping Keong Preparation and characterisation of polymeric biocomposites using plant-based materials.

Tay, Khim Sim A study of enzymatic reaction in biodiesel conversion using fresh and waste cooking oil. Shereen Sharmini, Thavanesan Some properties of subsets of finite groups.

Cheah, Yvonne Ai Lin Risk-adjusted portfolio performance. Ng, Richard Yew Fatt Design of an iris verification system on embedded blackfin processor for access control application. Chong, James Kok Uei DNA binding, nucleolytic properties, and topoisomerase i inhibition of ternary copper ii complexes of 1, phenanthroline and chiral amino acid. Ho, Wing Teng Design and development of a learning-based license plate detection algorithm.

Tan, Pei Ling Removal of basic blue 3 and basic yellow 11 using sargassum binderi phaeophyceae. Ng, Danny Wee Kiat Simulation of oscillations in a network of neurons using integrate and fire neuron model.

Yeoh, Hong Huei Thermodynamic studies on biosorption of lead by palm shell activated carbon. Woo, Yee Ping Investigattion of recyclability of sargassum binderi for removal of methyl orange. Veerasamy, Pavitra Characterization of vitamin e on polyvinyl alcoholstarch blends.

Palancychamy, Prakas Physical and chemical properties of bimetallic doped vanadium phosphorus oxide catalysts. Manikam, Nithiyaa Biogas production from municipal waste. Lim, Rern Jern Design of multicomponent heat integrated distillation systems.

Reho, Gobinath Characterisation of montmorillonite on polyvinyl alcohol-starch compound. Ng, Wei Sien Life cycle analysis of petroleum based polyethylene and bio-based polyethylene. Chan, Kim Chon Compact real-time control system of autonomous vehicle system using fpga platform. Loh, Pei Xuan Modified vanadium based oxide catalysts for selective oxidation of n-butane to maleic anhydride. Lee, Tse Yueng Crank-nicolson scheme for asian option. Gan, Suk Ching The association between generation x and y and intention to leave.

Lim, Li Yur The impact of perceived leadership and ethical leadership behaviour on job satisfaction and organisational commitment. Teh, Esther Theng Yinn Communicating csr to consumers: Ganesan, Amirtha Sangeetha Consumption, spending and investment behaviour of malaysia generation y. Lai, Chooi Kuan Synthesis and characterisation of 1,3-dihydroxyxanthone derivatives and their antioxidant activities.

Wong, Khai Hsiang Using surrogate servers for content delivery network infrastructure with guaranteed QoS. Lee, Yen Nee Multi objects proximity monitoring using android smart phones via bluetooh. Kee, Hwaai Shian Peered content delivery network through request routing peering system for video-on-demand.

Leo, Yean Ling A study on rna pseudoknot predictions. Chan, Li Ching The regulations of cytokines and chemokines in dengue virus-infected patients. Gan, Yu Han Development of electric car prototype: Rajantharan, Shanti Investigation on the effect of ionic liquid and ionic mixture in biodegradable polymer electrolytesunder.

Quah, Soong Ying Topic based sentiment analysis on twitter. Yew, Tiong Keat Novel optical scanner using photodiodes array for two-dimensional measurement of light flux distribution. Wong, Jianhui Power quality improvement using energy storage for distribution networks with renewables.

Eng, I Sum Microhabitat analysis and population parameters of small carnivores in Sarawak planted forest, with emphasis on the Malay Civet Viverra Tangalunga. Cheong, Pei Fen The study of intrinsic and extrinsic apoptosis pathways in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of dengue virus-infected patients. Tan, Yong Hui Behavioral properties of locally isolated acinetobacter species in degrading hydrocarbon chain in crude oil and used cooking oil.

Lee, Jia Chii Handwritten Chinese character recognition using x-y graphs decomposition and two-dimensional functional relationship model. Tan, Ming Hui Design and optimization of heliostat field using spinning-elevation sun tracking method based on computational analysis.

Tee, Shin Leong Bioassay—guided isolation of cytotoxic compound from hydrocotyle vulgaris. Ng, Soon Ching Potential use of aerated lightweight concrete for energy efficient construction. Teoh, Jia Jie Combination effect of photodynamic therapy pdt and chemotherapy on oral cancer cell lines.

Khoo, Ee Sin Empirical studies of the dirichlet parametric family of universal portfolios. Fang, Mei Teng The effect of formulative materials on the viability and efficacy of formulated beneficial microbes. Yean, Lily Factors contributing towards public liking in reading Chinese newspapers: Lim, Shin Teng The phenomenon of blog campaigning: Cheah, Shu Xu The emergence of social media in Malaysia: Tan, Chuan Kee The feasible use of the uk delay and disruption protocol in Malaysian construction industry.

Tan, Kia Wui Studies on the properties of pmma-based polymer electrolyte for lithium rechargeable battery. Koh, Siong Lee Development of sustainable power system for developing economies. Mok, Siew Ying Ultra slow oscillations in cortical cultures.

Gerard, Marilyn Sharon invasion of privacy in the Malaysian press: Khoo, Eng Cheong Removal of basic dyes using sugarcane bagasse. Lim, Wei Xiang Performance of the mahalanobis and other parametric families of universal portfolios.

Von, Sze Tin Anticancer property and mode of action of metal ii complexes of intercalating ligand and amino acid.

Cha, Xin Yi Factors influencing intention to quit among bank employees in Malaysia. Toh, Tsu Th'ing An investigation on the adoption of online apparel shopping of malaysian generation y. Ooi, Jong Boon Analysis and optimization of portal axle unit using finite element modelling and simulation. Kong, Siew Ming Anticancer property, mode of action and selectivity of a series of copper complexes.

Tan, Woei Chong Study of automotive radiator cooling system for a dense-array concentration photovoltaic system. Low, Chen Aun Human resource management in a project team. Low, Chen Syen The project success rate and standard project management methodology in Malaysia. Chin, Wui Keat The roles of human resource management in construction project success. Lim, Kong Hua Securing the Calea architecture against denial of service attacks. How, Ming Hui An interactive multimedia courseware for minimum mental retardation children.

Hasan Latt and Hnin, Wai Latt Assessing the awareness and perception of students in using e-learning tools in a tertiary education: Gayathri, Mageswaran An analysis of factors influencing the impact of PDA utilization on the operational efficiency of banking and financial institution in Malaysia. Shwe, Yee Winn Design and development of a multimedia courseware for learning Burmese. Sergestidae collected from the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Yap, Eng Hoe Causes of abandoned construction projects in Malaysia.

Kong, Kie Ming Development of demand side management system: Lim, Khim Yan User interface and development of future active network management system for microgrid.

Lau, Lek Kang Design of measurement techniques of acoustic glass shattering system. Ting, Robin Fang Yuan Demand side management: Teo, Teck Cheong Demand side management: Pang, Yap Seng Development of future energy management system for microgrid. Choong, Yuen Onn Antecedents of organisational commitment amongst academic staff of private universities in Malaysia.

Lee, Yan Ming Novel two-way filter and diplexer. Ang, Wei Bing Development of iterative analytical procedure for boiler tube analysis in matlab. Soh, Ying Wei Self navigating wheelchair control obstacle avoidance. Lim, Edwin Chui Seng Evaluation of high temperature boiler tubed using iterative analytical approach. Ng, Yau Jia A fuzzy logic controller for translational and rotational control of a commercially available motorized wheelchair.

Loo, Fong Yee A study on the drivers and barriers for the business intelligence adoption. Ong, Laurence Choong Yuan A study of the importance of non-technical skills for accounting fresh graduates in Malaysia. Yau, Ai Zhen The impact of communication satisfaction and emotional exhaustion on organizational commitment. Law, Wei Yang Asymmetric and cross-sectional effects of inflation on Malaysian stock returns under varying monetary conditions.

Leong, Pei Lee A study on the implication of independent directors in Malaysia. Ong, Fong Yew Audit committee characteristics and earnings management: Cheng, Kam Ching Development of job matching algorithm with collective learning. Kin, Zi Xian Characterization of bla-tem promoter sequence from Enterobacter cloacae. Tan, Poh Suan Development of a combined phage amplification and lamp assay for detection and quantification of viable Mycobacterium Avium Subsp.

Paratuberculosis cells in raw milk samples. Tan, Siew Hui Morphological characterization and sequence analysis of 5. Choo, Che Yon An approach for scene monitoring based on block-based distance measure technique between sequence of estimated head pose and movement direction. Pang, Set Weei Creating a blended learning environment through the use of an interactive multimedia e-book for teaching-learning Chinese as a second language at tertiary level.

Chieng, Alexander Tze Sheng Disaster risk reduction in Malaysia and earthquake study based on cyclic triaxial test. Tay, Yii Han Evaluation of the mycobacteriophage amplification assay for detection of Mycobacterium Bovis BCG cells exposed to different stresses in vitro. Khor, Y Chun Novel multifunctional filtering power dividers made on circular patch resonators.

Ho, Yun Li Bi-objective optimization of exclusive bus lane allocation and scheduling problem in cities. Chu, Chia Ning The implementation of polli-bricks in Malaysian construction industry. Chan, Siew Ling Synthesis and antioxidant activity of Prenylated Xanthones derived from 1,3,6-Trihydroxyxanthone.

Unable to complete your request. Please refresh your browser. See more recent news. Children on latest boats test limits of Malaysia exchange. A BOAT carrying about 62 asylum seekers, including at least one child and several women, reached Christmas Island yesterday, the fourth vessel to have arrived since the Malaysia plan was signed by the federal government.

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