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The TMX Trading Simulator below allows you to participate in Canadian equity and derivative markets in a risk-free, virtual environment. A great tool aber binare optionence comparing online brokers can be found at StockBrokers. MX 's highly successful financial education intiatives are designed to increase awareness of options trading for all levels of investors. Some investors may find watching or observing market professionals to be more beneficial than trying to apply newly learned lessons themselves.

TMX Group Limited and its affiliates do not endorse or recommend any securities issued by any companies identified on, or linked through, this site. Two recommendations include Elite Trader and Trade2Win. For the majority, trading will be losing proposition. The views, opinions and advice of any third party reflect those of the individual authors and are not endorsed by TMX Group Limited or its affiliates. One of my favorite book series is the Market Wizards by Jack Schwager.

This is a natural evolution; you are not alone! The game is always in full force. All content including any links to third party sites is provided for informational purposes only and not for trading purposesand is not intended to provide legal, accounting, tax, investment, financial or other advice and should not be relied upon for such advice.

One of the most common mistakes traders make is to go all-in and try to score big with a full portfolio position out of the gate. A great tool for comparing online brokers can be found at StockBrokers. These top universities use our global portfolio simulation in their classes.

Open a stock broker account Find a good online stock broker and open an account. Examples include Dan Zanger and Mark Minervini. Sign up for our free market recaps Join over 22, other investors and receive our weekly posts via email using the subscribe box below or on the sidebar. These top universities use our virtual trading software in their Trading Rooms. Two recommendations include Elite Trader and Trade2Win.