Trading cards template photoshop

The basic operation is prepare a folder of images from a sports event such as a soccer match. Then apply a template that trading cards template photoshop make a sports trading card from each image.

The template document consists of one Layer Set, two text layers, and several image overlay layers. There should be one template for portrait orientation and one for landscape orientation.

This layer set will be updated, resized, and copied to the player image so it must be the same aspect ratio as the target image. The target would usually be 2. If either is missing, it will be ignored.

Thus, the team name could simply be a default in the template file. This would typically include your copyright icon or some sort of logo. Anything outside of this layer set will be ignored. This allows me to crop trading cards template photoshop images in ACR, mark the metadata, and create an entire folder of trading cards with batch automation. Whenever new scripts are added here, Photoshop needs to be restarted to enable them.

The location and names of the template files must be edited near the top of the script: Next, record an action that will run this script. Prepare a folder with the desired player images and update the IPTC information. Then use PS Automate: Batch, set Play to the action just created and select this new trading cards template photoshop as the Source. Set the Destination to Save and Close, or a different folder. This script will not attempt to save the trading cards template photoshop document.

Size the images based on your desired target, for example, a standard trading card. It is most important that the template matches the target aspect ratio.

These scripts are provided as shareware with no trading cards template photoshop, but also no usage restrictions. You are free to use and modify them. If you feel obliged to pay something, make a contribution to your favorite charity. If you have any comments, or suggestions, I would welcome your input. Rags Gardner Rags Int. This page last updated on: