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Redemption of Debentures of Muthoot Finance Limited. Change in Name of the Company. Listing of New Securities of Vijaya Bank. Redemption of Debentures of Axis Finance Limited. Change in Surveillance Measures. Redemption of Debentures of Prism Cement Ltd. Mechanism to monitor revised limits relating to requirement of underlying exposure for Currency Derivatives contracts.

Declaration of F6 Finserve Pvt. Listing of new debt securities of Edelweiss Finvest Pvt. Listing of new debt securities of Shriram Transport Finance Co. Clarification received from the company. Clarification received from the company on news article. Applicability of Additional Surveillance Measure. The organisation was founded by Nirmal Jain. Jain is among the few successful entrepreneurs post the economic liberalisation era in India ushered by PV Narasimha Rao.

The company was founded as Probity Research and Services Private Limited which provided research on the Indian economy, businesses and corporates. The name was later changed to India Infoline Limited. A few years into the business, the organisation found itself with clients which included research organisations, banks and corporates.

In the meanwhile, the dotcom revolution was beginning to take place in India. The website was created in Taking the business one step ahead this group of consultants opened a trading portal — www. During this time they widened their distribution network. In , the Indian dotcom industry saw a downfall.