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Sign up at United Signals and get access to the full functionality of our website. The registration is completely saxo trader demo of charge. As a strategy provider at United Signals, you directly participate in the success of the investors saxo trader demo your strategy. At the end of each month, United Signals assesses the development of the capital of all investors.

VAT of the gains. The calculation saxo trader demo based on the high-watermark—methodology. How and saxo trader demo are strategy providers been compensated? The saxo trader demo is calculated on a monthly basis and paid within one month. The compensation is based on the high-water-mark method HWM.

The basis is the account balance end of day of the last trading day of each month. For the calculation of the account balance, unrealized losses on open positions are included where of unrealized profits on open positions are saxo trader demo. United Signals does not pay out amounts smaller than EUR. How much can I earn with United Signals?

As a strategy provider, you are directly responsible for the success of the customers who invest in your strategy. Essentially, your compensation is saxo trader demo by two factors: The total allocated capital invested in your strategy and the performance of your strategy.

The table showed saxo trader demo shows three examples with different combinations of allocated capital and performance:. What costs do occur for providers for the use of the United Signals platform? Which banks and brokers are available? Als a strategy provider at United Signals you have currently the saxo trader demo of the following two partner banks and brokers:.

At United Signals, you have the opportunity to get your strategy certified. The examination and assessment of your strategy needs to be done under real market conditions.

Therefore, only live track-records can be considered. Demo accounts, sample portfolios and backtests where saxo trader demo real transactions were taken cannot be accepted for the certification. Upon successful certification, your strategy becomes available for investors. How does the certification process at United Signals works?

Decisive factors for assessing the Strategy, in addition to the achieved equity returns, is the Risk-Reward ratio and observing our strict safety rules. After the successful completion of the Certification Process your strategy receives a corresponding seal of quality and is available to Investors.

Even after the Certification Process is completed, your Strategy is subject to our strict Risk- and Money Management rules. What costs occur for the certification of my trading strategy? Will all my trades be considered for the track record? All trades that meet our risk- and money management criteria are considered for your track record. This rule still applies after your strategy becomes certified. Likewise, investors who subscribe to your strategy only receive valid trades in their accounts.

Why is it not possible to certify a strategy traded on a demo account? United Signals only accepts strategies traded on a real money account. Under German law, an audited track record can only be issued based on results of a real money account. Furthermore, by investing his own money in his strategy, the provider can increase the confidence among investors.

At FXCM you have the chance to test the trading platforms with a demo account - completely free of charge! I already have a real saxo trader demo track-record. Can it saxo trader demo used?

United Signals can import track records of real saxo trader demo accounts from our partner brokers. In certain cases, we can use a real money track-record from other brokers as saxo trader demo. Please contact us directly. Only complete track-records can be imported. Can United Signals withdraw the certification once my strategy has been certified? If your strategy repeatedly violates the United Signals criteria, the certification can be withdrawn. In this case, the strategy looses the certification status and is no longer visible to investors.

To become available to investors again, the strategy has to successfully complete the certification again. What risk rules do I have to follow as a strategy provider? United Signals act as a strong marketing and sales partner at your side. For strategy providers, presence and visibility is a crucial factor saxo trader demo achieve steady increases in AuM. United Signals assumes this task, so that you can fully focus on the trading of your strategy.

Which sales and marketing activities are provided by United Signals? In addition to the typical saxo trader demo, such as regular contact with customers and prospects, sending newsletters and activities in the most important social media channels, United Signals presents its strategy providers again and again in the press.

United Signals is also saxo trader demo at fairs and important conferences in the financial sector and has build a high quality network with key partners such as banks, brokers and asset managers over time. Thanks to saxo trader demo with Neue Helvetische Bank AG from Zurich, Switzerland, you as a financial expert have the additional chance saxo trader demo get your strategy also be offered through a certificate to institutional and private investors.

There is no extra effort for you and you profit from an additional attractive remuneration model. How and when can my strategy be added to a certificate? To ensure that your strategy is ready to be added to our certificate, you must have successfully completed our certification process and your strategy is presented to investors on our platform. Saxo trader demo selection is made according to different criteria, such as the achieved results on www.

Should your strategy show a good and sustainable performance, can the strategy be added in the following two ways:. Component of an index portfolio certificate Several certified strategy providers benefit by being part of a basket certificate, which is composed of several saxo trader demo strategies.

For you as a provider this means: If your strategy is selected as a component, you normally have an additional 6-digit amount invested from the certificate, in addition to the already allocated capital on our platform.

Issued as a single certificate If there is a specific investment interest by one or more investors, your strategy can be issued as single strategy certificate. Are additional contracts required for me as a provider of the certificates?

This new program presents an additional option for you as a financial expert at United Signals and is not mandatory. No additional trading costs arise, and you do not have to sign any new contracts.

If your strategy is eligible for a certificate, you will receive an advanced notification from us. How much does it cost for me as a provider to become part of a certificate? The know-how of your strategy is protected. United Signals only publish the last 5 trades of your strategy. Only users investing in your strategy get access to the entire trading history. Are limit-orders visible in public?

Your strategy know-how is protected by United Signals. Therefore, limit-orders that you enter on your broker-account are not published. As long as a limit-order is not been executed, you can adjust or remove it without third parties taking note thereof. Limit-orders only become visible when the saxo trader demo is reached. Offering a strategy at United Signals is not associated with an additonal effort. As a strategy provider, you have access to all trading platforms offered by your saxo trader demo.

The import and assessment of trades is fully automated by the United Signals technology. You can review your track record at United Signals at saxo trader demo time — all figures are calculated and displayed in real time.

How does the order routing and scaling of trades work? The scaling saxo trader demo the trades for investors is done automatically by the self-developed United Signals technology.

Each investor can choose his saxo trader demo specifications and parameters. Do I need to be regulated as a provider at United Signals? By offering your strategy, you act as a service provider for United Signals and thus do not require separate regulation. The table showed below shows three examples with different combinations of allocated capital and performance: The use of the United Signals platform with all the functionality is free of charge.

Als a strategy provider at United Signals you have currently the choice of the following two partner banks and brokers: Founded inFXCM is one of the largest brokers and is regulated by regulatory authorities in the most important financial markets.

Test now FXCMs trading platforms: Saxo Bank is a leading online trading and investment specialist, saxo trader demo private investors and institutional clients a complete set of tools for their trading and investment strategies. With an investment amount of 10, EUR, saxo trader demo certification process is free of charge. During the certification process, each strategy will be assessed up to days. The following rules should be followed by strategy providers: Each trade must be entered with a stop-loss order.

The maximum leverage over all open positions saxo trader demo not exceed the fold of the capital.

This is great vic I am not able to sit and watch this constantly so I have downloaded it but not tried it that is why I gave 2 stars.

Please someone post and tell me I think I understand how this works Vic trade at the open of the bar and either close binary predetermined TP or at next opposing signal. This is a great indicator, but would love someone to contact me saxo trader demo the indicator plus an alert. In 1 min chart the indicator is coming after 1 candle. Would the sound alert offer from Martin if saxo trader demo still available.