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The funny-name writer said Even though BN has retaken Teluk Intan, its leaders, especially those in Umno, are probably still shaking in their shoes with the knowledge that there are hundreds more Malays like Dyana Sofia Mohd Daud out there who can help Pakatan Rakyat win the next general election. Can you count, man?

You Malaysia Kini type? This exaggeration is understandable. And Anwar Al Juburi is going into prison for 5 years sleeping completely without any spring.

Is that why Anwar had back ache problem in Sg Buluh prison last time? Rushed to Germany for treatment upon release from prison. Yah…of all the prisoners, juburi had to have special treatment. So scared to die ah? He needs his pampering as though he is still the DPM?

How about paying his constituency a visit? When was the last time he visited an orphanage or the elderly or anywhere that is not about getting votes?? Moreover, gangster in Malaysia always treated similar to normal citizen which is great lesson taught to Anwar Ibrahim that you are same treatment though you were ex Assistant to Prime Minister of Malaysia.

And the son of a gun writer speculates, probably until he ejaculates, saying We know enough about money politics in Malaysia to suspect that this is yet another instance of it.

Umno will probably pursue this course of action vigorously. Haha, he then says No stone in this dirty political game will be left unturned especially when Lim Kit Siang has a rotten gall bladder stone and we can be sure a huge pile of money will be set on the table that Tokong Lim has got from the housing developers to whom he sold plus acres of prime Penang State land.

Mama mia, yummy, mummy Yammy. But this bit is somewhat realistic, his sanity is on when writing It is very much up to Dyana to show us how strong her commitment is to the cause of the opposition. It must be a nerve racking time for her and her mother as they do some serious soul-searching.

Ooops, the writer is back hallucinating, saying DAP has been treating Dyana well and she is on record as saying that she regards the party as her family. Poor mummy Yammy, the naughty daughter has sold herself even from her mother and her family. As usual, the father has nothing to say. In fact, nobody knows who, what, where and why the bloody hell the father is completely silent in all these. With a mother in UMNO, then join Perkasa, then happily allowed the daughter to join DAP, then claimed to have left Perkasa, yet Perkasa Sec Gen said no resignation letter received, would there be serious soul-searching?

And now this lousy mind reader of a writer says Tunku Aziz, a former vice president of DAP and now one of its harshest critics, has predicted that she will follow in his footsteps and leave the party.

The last sentence in capital letters alone, repeated endlessly, will make the girl cabut lari in no time. Unless Lim Guan Eng recommends her as a Senator, the seat allocated for Penang, if not yet filled up. Even if Anwar Al Juburi is on it at the time concerned. As oppose to the senseless Dato Sakmonggol who just love to hear his own voice and read his own blog. Malaysian authorities should drop politically motivated sedition charges against a senior opposition politician for a satirical video criticizing the government, Human Rights Watch said today.

Teresa Kok, a member of parliament and national vice-chair of the Democratic Action Party DAP , will attend a court hearing on June 9, , on charges that could result in up to three years in prison or a fine that would disqualify her from serving in the national parliament. The video makes no mention of any individual or the government.

The Sedition Act permits restrictions on freedom of expression beyond those allowed by international human rights law and should be repealed, Human Rights Watch said. Prime Minister Najib Razak has repeatedly called for repeal of the act. The law has been used for political reasons in other cases, such as against the late DAP lawyer and politician Karpal Singh, who was charged with sedition earlier in After Karpal Singh being found guilty, anything can happen.

The Kok woman is not even a lawyer may have said things more seditious than Karpal. Maximum of 3 years prison sentence. She must be peeing in her skirt. Btw, can anyone pee in a skirt? I think the Kok woman can. Does the fact that President Obama visited Malaysia recently and categorically stated that the Malaysian government under DS Najib is fair dinkum going to make any Human Rights Watch stating otherwise a waste of time.

That Teresa Cock had overdone a video that caused hatred among the races. I would call that a political prostitute to her master. Just imagine in England, you will be banned from football matches for life and charge in court if you make monkeys signs at a black player or throw banana at them at a football match. Is there no human rights there? I think the British lawmakers are an intolerable lots.

Their racial sensitivities are very very thin. Here in Malaysia, we are very very much more tolerable than the British but then again that Teresa Cock had gone out of line, too much just to play politic. The top gay guy must be feeling very frustrated to see all these world leaders coming to Malaysia to meet with DS Najib.

And none wanted to see him. Possible Anwar Ibrahim having a massive headache where he have to deal with all his wayang kulit script. Time will tell when all opposition who talk back towards rulers end up in prison. Where is Najib leading this country to by abolishing the proven tools for maintaining peace and harmony in this racially sensitive country? Questioning the prerogatives, the roles, functions and responsibilities of the Malay Rulers?

The Karpal Singh, Tian Chua, Teresa Kok and other court cases already amply prove the tendency — even with the Sedition Act being in force — for irresponsible politicians and others to play with fire on the sentiments of the people concerning such matters as the above. To have a clearer idea, read such blogs as MalaysiaToday.

And God knows what the Red Bean bastards say in their Chinese language blogs. The comments below give the current status of the matter and what concerned citizens are doing to get Najib stop abolishing the Sedition Act. Your comments supporting retention of that Act are welcome.

Tak boleh buang Akta Siasatan, nanti yang rasis anti-Malay and anti-Islam akan melanda landa, naik kepala kita. Without the Sedition Act, the pendatang can question the sensitive clauses of the Constitution and this is a no no. The National Unity Consultative Council is suggesting three separate bills to replace the Sedition Act , including one to promote harmony and another prescribing mediation as a means to resolve disputes.

Anybody knows the legal status of the Council, what effects their suggestions have on Najib? The National Harmony Bill is said to outline a list of punishments for conduct that is deemed to be deliberately aimed at instigating or leading to threats or actual acts of physical harm based on racial and religious hatred. Now why the hell want to abolish the Sedition Act? Just because the bloody Opposition and Opposition-influenced so-called human rights groups oppose it?

How low would Najib go? As follow-ups to the reports, investigation papers were opened for further investigations. Yet there are many cases actually investigated as stated above. Imagine if there is no Sedition Act. Everybody will feel free to say just about anything they please.

Najib has not realized that however backwards he bent to accomodate the wishes of the pendatang, he got the Chinese tsunami at PRU Macam mana ganti pun, sikit sebanyak akan hilang kesan Akta Hasutan lama itu di ganti nya yang baru.

ISA boleh heret sesiapa yang subversif terus ke Kamunting simpan sana selama yang perlu, tak payah jumpa Hakim dsbnya. Jenis yang subversif susah nak dapat bukti. The Malay Consultative Council MPM has urged the government to seriously consider reviewing its decision to abolish the Sedition Act in view of the latest developments in the country. MPM feared that the three drafts evidently ignored the sovereignty of the Malay Rulers in safeguarding the special privileges of the Malays and several matters such as the racial quota of employees in the civil service that could only be amended under the Federal Constitution with the consent of the Malay Rulers.

The Police should consider this as a serious matter and act accordingly. Kudos to Tan Sri Aziz for studying the draft Bills, detecting the aspects that would erode Malay rights and interests, kasi tau the public and let us make noise against them. Tidak macam that young punk Dyana claiming she is a lawyer when in fact she only passed law at UiTM. There are quite a few lawyers in the Council. I like the spirit they show — concerned about the future of this country, coming out and speaking up.

All of us should be doing that. No more of the accomodating type of Malays, only grinning when events or utterances unfavourable to them take place. He said MPM feared that the three drafts evidently ignored the sovereignty of the Malay Rulers in safeguarding the special privileges of the Malays and several matters such as the racial quota of employees in the civil service that could only be amended under the Federal Constitution with the consent of the Malay Rulers.

Tan Sri Aziz is a lawyer and he knows what he is talking about. And he is talking on behalf of some 40 Malay and Muslim NGOs whose representatives were there at the press conference.

He said it was evident that the three drafts were designed to erode the sovereignty of national fundamental matters, such as by focusing only on the principle of equality but ignoring the principle of positive discrimination which was an exception in Article 8 of the Federal Constitution. Abdul Aziz said the formulators also failed to refer to other major clauses in the constitution that were fundamental matters in the founding of the nation and the basis of unity and harmony, especially Article 3 1 and Article 37 1.

He claimed that the three drafts ignored the Islamic sovereignty of the states that had never been subjected to interference by the British colonial administration. Ini semua yang bloody DAP want to erode and subvert since their party formation. Najib wants to help DAP achieve their objective ka? Of worse kind until BN lose power ka? Kamon, we must speak up, tulis sana, tulis sini, bangkang cadangan nak buang Akta Hasutan tuh. Ikut demo bila di panggil — tak salah sikit pun kalau di bawah Peaceful Assembly Act.

I rather suggest Government and NGOs to give a cold shoulder while Police and Army give a rear stick cause opposition who will be traitors and will always commit treasonous act towards Perlembagaan Malaysia, Rukun Negara, keep on update and throw away useful yet extreme important law to keep safe and secure country keeping up good job police and army tip top condition security country.

That is a substantial number. And avoids Malays and Muslims expressing their huge discontent at attempts to erode their rights and interests in the streets. In fact, the Malays and Muslims should now already start peaceful demonstrations, as allowed under the Peaceful Assembly Act.

These are hugely important matters — the anti-national and racist DAP blokes who have been trying to question the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak since their party formation over 40 years ago, asking for equality without simultaneously acknowledging the Malay and Bumiputera Special Position, and questioning the NEP that was derived from that Special Position, would be winning and getting what they want if the Sedition Act is abolished.

All these bills look very good and sensible but by the time they go through the demands that will be made by Malay racist bodies, they would not be recognised at all. June 10, at 2: Act were abolished, crimes increased to the extent of so many gangsters were shooting one another dead until now, and, in the process, Police personnel and civilians also suffered casualties.

I fear that If the Sedition Act is abolished, the replacement is not effective and so much sedition takes place in this country, it may heighten racial tension and the slightest spark might flare up into race riots. May 13 race riots occurred at a time before the sensitive clauses of the Constitution were added to the list of items protected by the Sedition Act.

When the sensitive clauses came under the protection of the Sedition Act, no race riots occurred. Note that as Ahmad Zahid said, even just between and now, there were some cases of sedition handled by the Police. Seem like she has either given up on the cause or has lost faith in the integrity of the PR leadership. The super economist Tony Pua is a very very smart chap. Premier thinker, top of the class and faultless economic forecaster.

Was May 13 the turning point of the emancipation of the Malays and other Bumiputera economy? He is cool under pressure, articulate and comfortable on the world stage, fairly young, able to balance between the Bumiputera, UMNO and the nation wants and needs.

They are a good team. Saya rasa Muhyiddin dan Ahmad Zahid akan ambil secara steady jika di beri peluang pegang jawatan Najib. Najib tak kuat semangat Melayu. Orang kata dia ada bini Cina dah cerai dan ada anak dengan nya, dan dia tak nampak jiwa Melayu. Muhyiddin dan Ahmad Zahid nyata kuat semangat dan jiwa Melayu. Melayu majoriti dan Perkara Perkara sensitif dalam Perlembagaan tak boleh di pinda. Najib nak buang Akta Hasutan, saya nak maki dia tak boleh di sini tapi saya buat gitu dalam hati.

But I think he is trying to balance between the Malay agenda and national agenda in such a way that we would not get to a stage that BN is any where close to being voted out.

That must mean some compromise on the Malay agenda and even some populist policies e. So afraid of offending any groups for fear of losing votes. Anyway, we all have our opinions. I personally prefer Zahid. Lets not play into the pr hands and start arguing with each other.

Melayu beri 88 kerusi dan Bumi beri yang lain boleh dapat majoriti, betul tak? Pahal pun Anwar nak masuk penjara, rasa nya sampai PRU PKR tunggang langgang sekarang.

PR pun tak tahu berapa lama lagi dalam satu barisan. Saya harap akan jadi begitu. Saya fikir kita tak play into pr hands sebab yang mulakan bahath kita sendiri, bukan pr cucuk ke hape.

Kita bukan bahath pun, ha nya bincang spt biasa, mcm dlm keluarga. Muhyiddin ada pengalaman berurus dgn parti komponen BN dan saya rasa di hormati depa.

Muhyiddin nampak apa yang mustahak di jangka masa panjang, mestikan Sejarah di sekolah sekolah mulai Takda orang pun yang terfikir begitu.

Setuju tak boleh pangkah kit siang or guan eng or anwar or azmin or hadi or aziz melainkan pangkah depa supaya mati — dari segi politik ke.. Tapi amat berat le nak ngundi jika Najib buat spt hapuskan Akta Hasutan walau ganti dengan apa pun. Tak tau le berapa ramai yang mcm saya di luar sana. Dia tak di tanding, makna UMNO nak menjunam.

Nak liberal lah, pelesit lah, entah apa yang Melayu di kampong tak faham. Kata dia Melayu dah tak ramai di kampong sekarang, dah ramai yang di pinggir bandar. Tapi dia tak tahu ke yang di pinggir bandar pun tak faham apa itu liberal, apa itu sasi.

Sibuk sangat mengejar nafkah, terdesak sangat hidup, takda masa nak mahamkan apa itu liberalisasi. Ni nak buang pulak Akta Hasutan yang melindungi hak dan kepentingan Melayu, macam.

Aku dah bosan ngan si Najib nih. Menurutnya, berdasarkan analisis awal, DAP telah kehilangan 25 peratus daripada undi bukan Melayu dalam PRK itu dan fenomena itu perlu diberi perhatian. Beliau berpendapat bahawa kontroversi berkaitan dengan pelaksanaan hudud oleh Pas menjadi penyumbang yang ketara terhadap kekalahan DAP di Teluk Intan.

Sebelum ini sekiranya dalam mana-mana kawasan yang DAP menang maka mereka dengan cepat meraikan kehebatan dan kemenangan DAP. Namun begitu, apabila mereka tewas di Teluk Intan baru-baru ini maka rakan seperjuangan mereka iaitu Pas pula dipersalahkan. Politik meletakkan beban tanggungjawab kekalahan parti mereka kepada rakan seperjuangan sangat jelas memperlihatkan sifat DAP sebenar. Selain itu, Pesuruhjaya Pas Selangor, Iskandar Abdul Samad berkata, ada dalam kalangan mereka yang telah mengambil cuti dan berkampung di Teluk Intan, di samping ada yang menyumbang wang ringgit.

Mereka juga manusia yang juga ada perasaan. Persoalannya kini sampai bila Pas dan komponen parti lain dalam pakatan pembangkang hendak dipijak dan diperbodohkan oleh DAP? Pas seharusnya bertanya kepada DAP apakah kehilangan satu kerusi di Teluk Intan lebih teruk berbanding dengan kekalahan yang dialami oleh Pas? Pada keseluruhannya purata undi Melayu dalam kawasan-kawasan yang ditandingi Pas di Semenanjung menurun daripada Penurunan terburuk berlaku di Kedah dengan kadar 8.

Mengapakah pemimpin-pemimpin Pas berdiam diri dan tidak berani untuk mempersoalkan DAP apabila undi parti mereka merosot pada PRU disebabkan cara, ideologi dan perjuangan politik DAP? Kini setelah Pas berjaya meningkatkan undi tiga peratus Melayu untuk DAP di Teluk Intan malangnya tiada sebarang ucapan terima kasih dan pengiktirafan diberikan bahkan dipersalahkan oleh pemimpin tertentu dalam DAP?

Diharapkan kenyataan bekas Ketua Pemuda Pas, Nasruddin Hasan Tantawi apabila beliau mengatakan DAP terlalu yakin sehingga merasakan parti mereka tidak memerlukan sokongan daripada pengundi Melayu termasuk daripada Pas akan membuka mata dan minda masyarakat Melayu yang lain. Sudah tiba masanya ahli dan penyokong Pas bangkit daripada terus dipijak demi menjaga martabat dan maruah mereka yang tercalar akibat DAP. Bagaimanapun, DAP hanya melihat ruang lingkup sempit kekalahannya dengan majoriti tipis undi.

DAP nampaknya mudah lupa bahawa ia bermula dengan majoriti lebih 7, undi yang diperolehinya ketika parti itu menang bagi kawasan tersebut pada pilihan raya umum yang lepas.

Ini bermakna perbezaan undi lebih dari itu iaitu sekitar 7, dan bukan hanya sekitar undi. DAP cuba mengaitkan kekalahannya kepada pengurangan sedikit sokongan pengundi Cina. Salah satu sebabnya ialah ramai pengundi Cina kononnya tidak membuang undi atau tidak balik kampung untuk menunaikan tanggungjawab mereka sebagai pengundi. Oleh itu, jumlah pengundi yang turun mengundi hanya kira-kira 67 peratus berbanding sekitar 80 peratus yang dicatatkan dalam pilihan raya umum setahun yang lepas.

Menurut DAP, antara sebab pengundi Cina memboikot pilihan raya kecil itu ialah kerana mereka dikatakan tidak berapa senang dengan PAS yang berdegil untuk menjayakan agenda undang-undang Hudud.

Maka, melainkan penjelasan yang boleh dipercayai dan memuaskan diberikan, senario ini mungkin membawa dua kesan. Jika PAS benar-benar ikhlas dalam perjuangannya untuk Islam, maka adalah mustahil untuk PAS terus kekal dalam Pakatan Rakyat, terutama apabila salah satu daripada anggota pakatan dengan secara terbuka bermusuhan terhadap Islam. Kesan kedua pula ialah jurang perbezaan pandangan antara fundamentalis orang Islam dan mereka yang mengambil pendirian liberal dalam PAS akan bertambah ketara.

Saya rasa keadaan ini telah meletakkan Anwar atau PKR di persimpangan jalan. Sebab itu, mereka memilih untuk berdiam diri dan berharap percakaran dalaman itu hilang begitu sahaja. Apa pun ini adalah petanda awal penolakan rakyat terhadap pembangkang. Ahli PKR Cabang Rembau, Badrul Hisham Shaharin atau lebih dikenali sebagai Chegubard tidak akan berdiam diri daripada daripada membangkitkan isu penyelewengan berkaitan dengan pemilihan parti , meskipun sedar beliau bakal disaman atau dipecat keahlian parti.

Namun, dakwa laman sosial itu, Timbalan Presiden, Azmin Ali tidak hadir dalam mesyuarat tersebut. Mengambil tanggungjawab tersebut, Chegubard tampil membuat aduan bertulis kepada parti pada 5 Mei. Satu sumber rapat dengan Chegubard berkata, kenyataan Azmin kepada media arus perdana itu menyerang presiden parti itu berkaitan dengan dakwaan mengamalkan nepotisme dalam menguruskan parti.

Selain itu, dalam Chegubard dalam surat berkenaan turut menuntut tindakan diambil terhadap pihak di dalam Biro Politik yang membocorkan minit mesyuarat parti. Rumah urut merata untuk bandar yang kecil. Bukan senang nak tutup.

Perlu ada pelanggaran syarat baru boleh ambil tindakan. Bukan senang untuk dapatkan sumber biayai intip dan tangkap. Banyak kongsi gelap, penjahat dan gengster DAP keluor le, kalau tutup. Kalau kes mahkamah, takda yang berani jadi saksi. Mentaliti mengganas itu ada di Tk Intan juga.

Kuasa bukak tutup di tangan Majlis Bandaran. Nak tutup, kena ugut dek depa, kena ada operasi besar besaran. Ahli kongsi gelap yang bertindak perangai gangster nak jaga kepentingan mereka mata pencarian tergugat mestilah mereka akan ugut orang. Itulah sebab banyak pelancur di Chinatown kerana orang Cina yang kaya raya ada mistress. Jika tak kenapa semua orang tak ingat Komunis Sosialis mereka suka sangat dengan pelacuran yang dilakukan di rumah urut dan katil dalam bilik Hotel yang memang dapat pendapatan setiap bulan begitu lumayan.

Tutup kedai lagi ambil masa yang terlalu panjang. Tarikh akhir kampung tersebut perlu dikosongkan adalah 9 Julai Malah penduduk kampung juga dijanjikan dengan pelbagai perkara, termasuklah dibenarkan menetap di tapak tersebut selagi mereka membayar cukai tanah. Biarpun telah diberitahu bahawa segala janji berkenaan adalah BOHONG semata-mata, namun kebanyakan penduduk kampung optimis, Lim Guan Eng dan DAP akan mengotakan janji mereka, apatah lagi keputusan merampas tanah tersebut dan menjualnya kepada pihak pemaju, berada di tangan Kerajaan Negeri.

Mereka tetap dihalau dan kali ini, mereka dihalau seperti anjing kurap. Itulah Bukit Gelugor … kenapa tak undi Dato Huan? DAP hanya utamakan pemaju dan bukan rakyat…. I guess here in Malaysia, we are a little more tolerant of the sikap biadap and kurang ajar pakatoon media. Hopefully all that will change…. Something about she calling for the Royal Malay Regiment be disbanded during her Teluk Intan by-election campaign last month. Why the bloody hell put up one law after another against the drug taking menace when the authorities should adopt a zero tolerance on those drug takers and just take rigorous action under existing laws?

The implementation of the bill is important, according to the National Anti-Drugs Agency as the number of youths abusing glue is increasing and there are no laws to detain or punish them. Much much more damaging is the ganja snorting.

The Anti-Drugs agency people should have teams of information gathering — spies if you like, paid upon drug-positive urine tests — going round one area after another in areas that are well known to be drug-taking haven among the youths. Armed with information on who in the kampongs are drug takers, just go there with urine tests paraphernalia including mobile urine sample-taking and testing enclosure, folding plastic or cardboard type, for example , accompanied by Policemen if necessary to legally justify their acts, and get hold of the fellows to do the urine tests in situ — there and then.

Like in the District of Batang Padang, Perak. The Police may not act on arresting such blokes for theft because the parents protect information on their children drug-taking activities and howl at others reporting them to the Police and hardly any would be willing to testify in court. So, the remedy is in situ drug tests and immediate cartage of the culprits to Drug Rehabilitation Centres. Enlarge and increase the existing centres to accomodate the blokes.

If the existing laws do not allow such acts as recommended above, then amend the laws — rather than have one new law after another, proliferating the tools but not the action on the drug scourge.

Our MPs not much to do, what. Got hold of them blokes, make them pee, if drug positive, drag them to Rehabilitation Centres pronto. Mereka ada lebih 50 tahun memerintah Selangor tetapi tidak melakukannya? Menurut beliau, PAS telah mengadakan penerangan kepada rakyat tentang hukum jenayah syariah dan meluluskan enakmen berkaitan sebaik sahaja mendapat kuasa di Kelantan. Beliau yang juga Ahli Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri sekali lagi menegaskan bahawa Umno perlu melaksanakan undang-undang jenayah syariah di negeri yang dikuasai mereka jika benar-benar ikhlas ingin mendaulatkan syariat Islam dan tidak hanya bermain politik.

Kamarol Zaki dilapor telah menghantar usul kepada Dun Selangor agar kerajaan negeri digesa mengkaji kemungkinan melaksanakan hudud. Propose in the Selangor state assembly for the implementation of Hudud. PAS surely will vote for if not all their members will rebel and object. Berdosa mah to vote against. Apa maciam itu maciam? Tidur satu katil but facing opposite directions ka? Sakit belakang lorr sleeping on your one side all the time. Baik kasi Anwar bikin lah. Yeah, the bloke will call all his cronies into management, to provide all sorts of services, then accuse BN gomen of crony capitalism etc like Francis Yeoh did.

Gila kuasa dia ni.. Sebenarnya Anwar dan Kit Siang sama-sama gila kuasa. Orang yang gila kuasa sahaja akan bela kaum sejenisnya. Lebih kurang 4 tahun, lepas itu serah kepada M. Sekarang Kit Siang jadi apa? Anak dia lantik bapanya jadi penasihat DAP. Tidak gila kuasa tetapi gantung mati bapa saudaranya kerana takut dia rampas kuasa. Kitty Siang and AlJuburi juga tidak gila kuasa tetapi mahu duduk lama lama sahaja. Oh, saya lupa, dia orang juga mahu tunggu lama lama…. Krisis kepimpinan DAP Kedah hampir sampai ke kemuncak apabila dua pihak mahu mengadakan mesyuarat agung tahunan AGM parti itu secara berasingan.

Guan Aik menyifatkan tindakan Zairil itu sebagai mengelirukan, seolah-olah ROS sudah bersetuju dan mengakui CEC parti itu adalah sah apabila beliau mengarahkan semua cawangan DAP Kedah mengadakan mesyuarat yang bermula pertengahan Mei hingga pertengahan bulan ini. Mana ada orang percaya. Orang Umno macam awak saja yang percaya dengan cerita karut. Dalam usaha oleh pihak pembangkang melalui akhbar The Edge bersekongkol untuk pertahankan YTL untuk membolehkan direct nego, mereka kata ianya adalah sebab fast track.

Apa kah langsung tidak boleh dijemput dan tiada pihak lain untuk masuk tender tast frack? Apa perlu direct nego? Malah ada lagi isu-isu yang mengesyaki yang akan masuk tembolok YTL dalam laporan The Edge itu sendiri …. Yang tipu tu awak. Ini cerita rekaan awak.

Takde orang percaya lah. Jangan asyik tipu sana tipu sini. Sumber memberitahu Mingguan Malaysia, terdapat bukti menunjukkan dalang sebenar sindiket penyelewengan diesel bersubsidi adalah pemborong yang seolah-olah bebas daripada tindakan kementerian itu. Ditanya bagaimanakah modus operasi yang dilakukan oleh golongan tersebut, sumber itu berkata, perbuatan paling ketara ialah tidak mengambil bekalan bahan bakar berkenaan secara langsung daripada depoh syarikat minyak, biar pun ia menjadi syarat utama untuk mereka memperoleh lesen.

Sumber itu menjelaskan, stesen-stesen minyak menjual diesel bersubsidi dengan harga RM2. Pemborong kemudiannya menjual bahan bakar itu kepada pihak industri antara RM2. Sumber itu menjelaskan, pihak industri dan kapal dagang turut bersubahat melakukan penyelewengan diesel bersubsidi memandangkan harga yang dijual oleh pemborong lebih rendah berbanding harga di depoh iaitu RM2.

Lebih mengejutkan kata sumber itu, ada dalam kalangan pemborong yang terus beroperasi biar pun lesen sudah pun tamat tempoh dan syarikat-syarikat minyak pula masih tetap membekalkan permintaan minyak kepada mereka dengan alasan tidak menerima maklumat daripada KPDNKK.

Sumber itu juga mendedahkan bagaimana, ada pemborong memalsukan invois pembelian syarikat minyak kerana mereka memahami proses semakan dan pengesahan dokumen berkenaan akan mengambil masa oleh syarikat-syarikat tersebut. Selain itu, sumber berkenaan turut berpendapat syarikat-syarikat minyak tidak sepatutnya mengamalkan sikap lepas tangan dengan menuding jari kepada KPDNKK apabila pemborong tidak mematuhi syarat untuk mendapat bekalan daripada mereka.

His luck had run out. Talk was rife that his number was up, and the tripartite Pakatan Rakyat was ganging up to oust him. He had managed to buy time with his cynical decision to hand out huge pay rises to state assemblymen, but even this goodwill quickly dissipated and he has of late drawn a lot of heat regarding his mishandling of recent issues:. Rumours have been swirling and doubts cast upon his loyalty to PR ever since, especially in light of his recent spate of bizarre and logic-defying decisions.

Central to the story are two names, people close to the UMNO leadership. To recap, Khalid took took a loan from Bank Islam in to buy Guthrie shares. That was meant to be a golden handshake from PNB for their loyal servant. When he failed to service the loan, in , Bank Islam sold the Guthrie shares and claimed from him the balance sum of RM Khalid sued Bank Islam and Bank Islam countersued him.

Bank Islam won a summary judgment against Khalid in but he managed to have that set aside a year later. In essence, he did not dispute that he borrowed money from Bank Islam. What he argued was that the loan did not comply with Syariah law, therefore it was illegal and he need not repay the loan. In , the High Court ruled that the Syariah Advisory Council of Bank Negara had the ultimate authority to decide whether an Islamic loan was legal or not.

This ruling was upheld by the Court of Appeal in May If he was made bankrupt, he would lose his post and likely his political future. He even refused to allow a scheduled tariff increase to come into effect on grounds that the company had defaulted on its obligations. The generosity of the deal and his close rapport with Federal Minister of Water Maximus Ongkili raised eyebrows.

What prompted Khalid to embrace his nemesis, moving in one short hop from threatening fistfights to offering fistfuls of money to Rozali? To the extent of even short-changing a state GLC? Why the proximity to Maximus? It was Rohana who renewed links for Khalid to Maximus. When did the process of building bridges start? One cannot say for sure but what is factually indisputable is that in April , the state-owned Menteri Besar Incorporated MBI sold 1, acres of land to Tropicana Corp, a company controlled by Danny Tan.

And the chairman of Tropicana when that controversial land deal was done was … drum roll Rohana. Controversial not only because it was signed by MB when the PR Government was in caretaker mode pending the Elections, but also for the one-sidedness of the deal.

And not in favour of the State! Apahal tak pecat saja Khalid ini dari jawatan MB. The family of Teoh Cheng Cheng, who supposedly converted to Islam, is seeking legal redress to prevent her from being buried a Muslim.

It was initially said that the family had accepted that she would be given a Muslim burial when they consented to let the Penang Islamic Religious Department Jaipp take away her body yesterday. Today, however, the family said they wanted her body back to proceed with a Taoist funeral for her and sought help from the state government. Raveentharan former Batu Uban assemblyman.

She has four children, aged between 17 and The eldest is a child born of her previous relationship with a Chinese man. Cheng Cheng, a year-old waitress, reportedly died last Saturday after she hanged herself at home in Lebuh Macallum following an argument with her boyfriend. Her funeral yesterday afternoon was stopped by Jaipp officers who arrived to claim the body.

What I gather from this article is when a non Malay or a non Muslim have issues against Malays or Islam, who do they turn to? Go see your chinese rep and Indian lawyers from DAP. They specialize in this field!! Their specialty is fighting Malays and Islam. Any comments from PAS? Seems the boyfriend wishy washy trying to show her not fully convert to Islam until the time she died.

The police are maintaining their stand and will not enforce Civil Court decisions regarding child custody disputes where one of the parents had embraced Islam, said Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar.

And in case the usual one-liner stupid Pakatoon bloke wants to come in and say this comment is a fitnah by UMNO etc, he can go to the link I provided above. The IGP had said that the children involved in recent custody battles between Muslim and non-Muslim parents be placed under the care of the Welfare Department until the courts sort out the issues. Indira had lodged a police report on May 30 hoping that the Police arrest Ridzuan to ensure the return of her child.

The Ipoh High Court granted custody of the three children to Indira in In the same year Ridzuan took away their youngest. On May 30 this year the same High Court issued an arrest warrant against Ridzuan who was formerly known as Pathmanathan. Ini Khairy Jamaluddin dulu ada orang kata dia having a foot in his mouth, cakap sumbang on issues affecting Malay and Muslim interests.

Dia ingat Polis bodoh ka? Khairy said the matter should be resolved as soon as possible, and that the Cabinet would discuss it in a meeting on Friday. State Islamic religious authorities have been established and empowered to act on matters pertaining to that Article 3. JAIPP had witnesses anyway. Many DAP members and supporters do not respect the Constitution Article 3 on Islam and the laws enacted pursuant to that.

It also applies to those who keep breaking laws of the country. They should migrate — or be made to do so as an alternative to being jailed here — to places like Afghanistan where they can, for example, grow poppies and make tons of money from the opium trade, then get shot by the Talibans over rivalry and the like. Imagine, nearly 2, years of jail sentence! Crazy white collar or shit collar crime bastard —. No Sedition Act replacement can give the same effect as it does now. And DAP and the Oppo Hippos will claim victory and Najib will be seen as bowing down to their demands, one after another.

Look at this bloody bastak shit of a so-called news portal that are said to be neither news no portal publishing seditious comments by their readers and even headlining them —. I support fully the call not to abolish the Sedition Act. Kamon Najib, if you abolish it, the seditious bastards will just gosok gosok lu punya kepala, treat lu like budak budak.

They simply laughed at you, innit? How people want to respect you like that? How to win PTU14 like that? Until at one time there were only 2 Opposition MPs in Singapore. Lost their MP seats when declared bankrupt. The Editor Jahabar Saddiq went weak in the knees, published apologies repeatedly in the bog and in mainstream newspapers. But Najib must not accept apologies after filing the suit.

Just proceed until they are bankrupt. So, Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar can now decide which court order he will follow, and to what extent he will follow it? The writer is so damn stupid not to understand what the IGP said — two law systems, two courts. And in doing so, the bastard is seditious. Retain the Sedition Act, for goodness sake, Najib. Hell hath no fury like the seditious bastards being free from the Sedition Act.

The country will koyak. The Home Ministry explained that according to the principles of criminal law, a crime can only exist if there were two elements — namely the act and the intention. But this SOB patut kasi masuk itu jail lah. Cakap tarak pakai otak sikit pun. Kasi hantam dia satu lagi Sedition charge lah.

In February, a group that identified itself as a council of Muslim non-governmental organisations offered a RM1, cash reward to slap Kok. This was in response to a satirical video Kok had made which insulted the security forces involved in the Lahad Datu incursion, Malay dignity and the King.

A coalition of Muslim groups has asked Putrajaya to shelve the three draft Harmony Bills and to retain the Sedition Act. Pertubuhan Pembela-Pembela Islam Pembela chairman Hafiz Noordin said the way the bills were prepared was against the norm of how laws were made.

Hafiz described the move to hand over the draft bills to Nancy without consultation and further deliberation as dictatorial, one-way and undemocratic. In short, the blokes are trying to do away with the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak. Aku sokong jangan buang Akta Hasutan. Aku pun taknak kacau bilau kalau takda Akta Hasutan dan diorang naik kepala. Guys lets not be racists.

Been looking for lists of Bumupitera suppliers of goods and services but could not find. Yet, they will smile and shake hands with you to strike a deal and profit from you. Keep hating the Malays, towkeys. Your time is up! Used to purchase Ceres. Thanks for the info, will opt for other brands from now onwards. Cinas were not known to help Bumiputera businesses anyway.

The objective here is to highlight to as many non racists as possible. Are they experts in law, the drafting of laws, are they Parliamentary draftsmen of any sort? Are they neutral, no political leanings, completely unbiased? What the hell is that a correct basis for determining a law for ALL Malaysians, taking into account the wishes of the majority of the population in the country.

Has the determination of the wishes of the country been determined? The National Harmony and Reconciliation Bill; and 3. The objective is ok. Then how to expect the Malay and Muslim views are represented in the formulation of those Bills? But what constitutes discrimination? Cannot use the word pendatang? Then what word to use? Cannot call them Chinese. And what happens if hey are offensive and no action taken. The third such discussion was held on June 5. A total of 5, people attended these town hall sessions but only about a quarter of them gave their views, either verbally or in writing.

They even gave it to the Bar Council whose position and stance have always been anti-Establishment. Aiyyo, they are lawyers, Officers of the Law, yet many even participated in illegal Bersih Rallies before the advent of the Peaceful Assembly Act.

So, want to take away the powers of the Police and the Courts in dealing with seditious buggers? You people think the likes of Teresa Kok and Tian Chua would bother? Already the bills are being vehemently opposed by a group of Muslim non-governmental organisations, and Perkasa.

They are strongly Malay, they protect Malay rights and promote Malay interests. Let nobody ever forget that.

Onlt the DAP and the ultra kiasus do that. It is said to be made up of about 70 Muslim NGOs. Tan Sri Aziz knows what they all are really about as he was in the committee deliberating the need for unity after the race riots of and incorporating the sensitive clauses of the Constitution into the Sedition Act over 40 years ago.

If Najib wants to abolish the Sedition Act, he appears to want to allow the questioning of those sensitive issues that represent the rights and interests of the Malays and the Muslims in this country?

Yes, there is animosity towards the NUCC by Perkasa and its allies, and there is on why there was no consultation with the ordinary public before the Bills were drafted. At most, just amend it. The objective of the National Harmony and Reconciliation Commission Bill is to form a National Harmony and Reconciliation Commission that will promote national unity harmony equality integration reconciliation non discrimination that will provide for related matters.

Tian Chua and Teresa Kok just keep on hitting the wall named as Sedition Act yet opposition will forever thinks they have a right of way to miss prison sentence. From my point of view, both of them never give a damn about related to national issue. Or, can also take the comments in here and put them there. Like Najib Model Ekonomi Baru draft? After the walloping and the wanking by the rakyat in the feedback given, the NEP was still not highlighted?

Many will surely not accept that. If that happens the country will go into chaos, the word Tan Sri Aziz had used. It might happen if the Sedition Act is repealed and the protection of the sensitive Articles of the Constitution is taken away or diminished. Kalangan pimpinan PKR sendiri semakin pelik dengan pandangan Anwar kebelakangan ini. Dulu, institusi Raja dan Sultan ini bukan favourite topic Anwar.

Kalau bercakap pasal institusi Kesultanan, Anwar mula mencebik dan buat muka boring. Yang peliknya, dalam isu berkait undang-undang di Johor, Anwar mula ke depan dan mempertahan Duli Tuanku. Ini bukan game biasa Anwar. Game ini lain macam. Anwar nak pertikai laporan Utusan mengenai Sultan Johor. Boleh Anwar pertikai sama bagaimana Malaysiakini, Kinibiz, Malaysia Chronicle pertikai institusi kesultanan?

Apakah Anwar nak main double-standard. Untuk pengetahuan Anwar, Kinibiz dah mula menyerang Sultan Johor buat sekian lama. Ini semua jentera Anwar. Bila jentera Anwar buat laporan untuk pertikai Sultan, dia tak sebut?

Anwar patut diberitahu, kalau ada media yang memburukkan Tuanku, ianya milik kawan-kawan Anwar! Baling batu sembunyi tangan. Anwar lah sebenarnya paling banyak nak jahanamkan imej keSultanan kita. Ketuanan Melayu ini wajahnya apa? Mana Anwar waktu Almarhum Sultan Perak kena balun sebab peralihan kuasa?

Ada ayat Anwar yang kata Sultan perlu dipertahan? Apa laporan yang dibuat oleh Suara Keadilan? Hormat keputusan Duli Tuanku? Sorry Anwar Ibrahim have hit the wrong place all along. Semua sudah setuju baru boleh keluarkan wang itu. Dia kena saman 10 juta oleh Teresa. Kita tidak takut, kita lantik peguam untuk bantu Danny Lim lawan dengan Teresa Kok. Lembaga Disiplin PKR dalam kenyataan media hari ini mengumumkan tiga lagi individu telah dipecat keahlian parti. PAS perlu mengambil tindakan segera.

Katanya, pihak berkuasa agama Islam di Pulau Pinang dan Selangor, kini sudah menunjukkan ciri-ciri angkuh kuasa. Beliau merujuk pada insiden kakitangan Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor JAIS bertindak menghentikan upacara perkahwinan seorang wanita yang dikatakan mempunyai nama muslim dengan pasangan Hindunya di sebuah kuil di Petaling Jaya. Wanita berkenaan, Teoh Cheng Cheng, dikatakan sudah memeluk Islam pada dan menukar nama kepada Nora Teoh Abdullah sebelum berkahwin dengan seorang pemuda Melayu setahun kemudian.

Sesungguhnya PAS harus memandang kenyataan Anwar ini secara serius. Ini kerana sebagai Ketua Pembangkang, beliau sudahpun menunjukkan sikapnya terhadap isu pihak berkuasa agama Islam di kedua-dua negeri yang diperintah Pakatan Rakyat. Di segi politiknya PAS adalah bertanggungjawab terhadap pentadbiran hal ehwal agama Islam di kedua-dua berkenaan. Selain itu, tiada pemimpin kanan PAS yang mahu tampil untuk menjernihkan isu berkenaan.

Begitu juga dalam kes rampasan kitab bible yang dilakukan oleh JAIS yang masih belum dipulangkan. Cadangan Kamaruddin itu bukan perkara baru. Peraturan itu sudahpun dipersetujui selepas insiden rampasan bible berlaku. Sebenarnya isu pendirian dan kemampuan untuk menterjemahkan prinsip melalui gerak kerja yang teratur dan boleh diterima oleh semua pihak adalah dua perkara berbeza.

Di segi idealisme memang mudah untuk mengunjurkan satu prinsip perjuangan yang muluk. Namun di segi pelaksanaan ia menuntut kemahiran pengurusan, kepemimpinan dan daya perancangan yang rapi. Mungkin sebab inilah, DAP tidak yakin dengan hudud; bukan konsep keadilannya tetapi kemampuan PAS untuk melaksanakannya dengan adil dan saksama. Kelemahan ketara ini agak merungsingkan Menteri Besar PKR di Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim setiap kali disergah dengan pertanyaan apa yang telah dilakukannya untuk menyelesaikan isu rampasan bible dan serbuan perkahwinan Hindu ini.

Dia baran tak faham apa orang tulis banyaksangat dlm bahasa omputih gamak nya. Yang dalam BM plak panjang panjang. Aku pun lemah bila banyak sangat dan berat sangat komen dlm bahasa Inggeris. Aku ngaku, tapi masuk jugak. BI lemah, aku cakap BM saje le.

The last time these two idiots raised such issue, it was given an answer and it turns out their information was embarassingly wrong. However, the TPM Office should no waste any more time to answer any more of such wasteful enquiry. If Zairil insist on an answer for public accountability, ask him this: Is it true that he is an illegitimate son of the man he used in his name as his father?

His place of birth in Hawaii only adds to the negative perception of himself trying to ride on the name of Khir Johari. If Zairil is not comfortable answering such a personal question, then he should answer to his voters at Bukit Bendera how many times had he attend Parliament throughout the times Parliament is in session? How many times has he stood up to deliver a speech or an address or participated in a debate? It is no use thinking when one do not communicate. That is unless he hardly visit his constituencies.

So he is still a junior MP and has not reached the level of familiarity with Parliamantary rules even though those of his piers are already actively involved. Maybe Zairil prefer to get to the basic role no. How many problems has he involved himself? How many gets solved? It should not be too difficult for him since Penang is a DAP run state. Quite sure the Deputy Prime Minister has more important task to do than answer to such small minded issues.

Off late, DAP has been on this dumb mode since they saw their more than 7, majority overturned into a lost in Telok Intan. Liew must be spending too long a time in a forest off Kluang with no television, handphone and Internet to now be aware to whose portfolio MH belongs to. Liew should start to politically educate himself to think before he shoots his mouth.

From someone who did not make the first time around, an Excel technical problem enable Zairil to replace a top five winner. That should have been the bigger issue for DAP to look and Zairil to reflect hard. Lim Guan Eng has appointed him as Political Secretary.

Zairil should also help clear a lingering rumour that his boss went on a first class airline travel for Christmas vacation to Italy paid by a freindly corporate player several years ago. That would potray him as a brave politician but still not intellectual politician.

In fact, they would say it is stupid. TO prevent detection, a pickpocket hid a handphone in her vagina after she was caught stealing at the SS2 night market in Petaling Jaya, China Press reported. The woman, who is a Vietnamese, used a blade to cut open the handbag of a victim before taking her purse and handphone at about 8pm on Monday. Sources said several community policemen and hawkers, who were at the market, witnessed her act and decided to trail her. They stopped the woman when she was putting the loot in a lorry parked in the area and took her to a nearby police station.

At the police station, the woman, who was wearing a long dress, inserted the handphone into her vagina when the people around did not pay attention.

So, that vagina handphone may work if the vagina is dry. But sure hard taking it out. And careful when buying a used handphone, ok? Takut lanti tekan, some kind of ayaq keluoq, hahaha. Pakatan Rakyat MP Charles Santiago has threatened to take the Selangor government to court if it fails to make public findings proving that water in the state is safe for consumption. Where got safe water there?

Water from stagnant former mining pools are very very contaminated. It is cleaner to drink your own urine. People of Selangor, remember…. Many times when they turn on the tap, brownish to greyist water came out first… then only clearer water follows. These sendiments will not kill you instantly, but gradually, definitely and finally. Whether Selangor Government hears anyone guess again they will ignore when water from tin mine can kill you before you can live a long life.

Additionally, the blog loads very quick for me on Firefox. Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad feels that Chinese voters are concerned only about whether the government provides them with a conducive business environment and not how many minister posts are given to Chinese-based political parties. He said no Chinese really care how many minister and deputy minister posts MCA will eventually get. The NEP is still necessary, he said, because of the varying economic achievements of the different communities.

Menurut Kit Siang, kenyataan Gobind yang juga ahli Parlimen Puchong itu telah disalah tafsir dan isu hudud bukanlah punca utama DAP gagal mempertahankan kerusi berkenaan.

Lim menjelaskan pendirian DAP masih tidak berubah berhubung isu hudud iaitu tidak bersetuju dengan perlaksanaan hukum tersebut. Sementara itu, Dyana menjelaskan, sebagai orang Islam beliau tidak menolak hukum Allah itu namun sebagai ahli parti, beliau perlu menyokong pendirian parti dalam isu ini.

Sebagai orang Islam saya tidak boleh menolak hudud. Kit Siang menjelaskan pendirian DAP masih tidak berubah berhubung isu hudud iaitu tidak bersetuju dengan perlaksanaan hukum tersebut. Sementara itu, Dyana menjelaskan, sebagai orang Islam beliau tidak menolak hukum Allah itu namun sebagai ahli parti, beliau perlu menyokong pendirian parti dalam isu tersebut. Kata Gobind, ia dibuktikan dengan kenyataan PAS bahawa bahawa rang undang-undang hudud yang akan dibentangkan di Parlimen pada September walaupun mendapat bantahan daripada DAP yang berdiri teguh dengan agenda bersama Pakatan Rakyat PR yang ditandatangani pada tahun Menurutnya, walaupun DAP memilih calon yang tepat untuk PRK Teluk Intan, Dyana Sofya dan parti bekerja bersungguh-sungguh untuk memenangkannya, namun faktor calon dan visi masa depan tidak boleh memadamkan keraguan pengundi terhadap hudud.

Kita mesti berani dan menangani masalah-masalah ini sekarang. Bodoh sangat lah hang, Kit Siang: Sebab hang yang dok letak budak berhinguih Dyana tanding kat situ. Mana pengundi nak undi hangpa DAP lagu tu. Kit Siang sebenarnya sangat marah dengan Pas. Dia tak cakap terang terang sebab dia takut kalau dia buat macam tu, nanti timbul kontroversi. Dah nyata komen kat atas ni satu sindiran.

Awak jangan tipu sana sini. Komen kat atas bukan sindiran. Awak ni sengaja nak buat hal. Takde orang percaya dengan awak. Dalam perjanjian Pakatan Rakyat, tidak ada ruang untuk hudud. Jadi, dalam konteks Selangor, apa-apa pendirian kita akan bincang dengan dalaman PR. Point , figure forex strategy Come funziona il forex su fineco Most traded stock options in nse. Transaksi forex per hari Day trading options example Cara melabur dalam forex Forex rates on 31st.

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