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Our focus is on consulting and servicing mainly international companies, e. German subsidiaries of multinational companies with headquarters based abroad. As one of many services in connection with the design and development of company pension concepts, we offer our clients support in the selection and subsequent mediation of insurance products as far as this is requested ihk fur munchen und oberbayern adresse to the requirements. In this context, we will also act as an insurance intermediary.

In accordance with Europe-compliant legal stipulations, all insurance intermediaries are obliged to provide certain company details. In the following, please find these details for our company:. HRB Services subject to registration: Profion will be acting as insurance broker subject to licensing acc. Common registration office acc. Profion GmbH has neither a direct nor an indirect interest in the voting rights or the capital of any insurance company. There is no insurance company that has a direct or indirect interest in Profion GmbH's voting rights or capital.

For the settlement of disputes arising from insurance mediation, the following authorities can be referred to: Insurance Ombudsman registered associationPostfach 08 06 32, Berlin, phone: As internationally operating consultancy we are, as stated above, exclusively active in the field of development and administration of company pension provision schemes employee benefits.

This also includes consulting ihk fur munchen und oberbayern adresse regard to the financing of company pension plans that, where appropriate, can be effected via insurances. We do not cover any other insurance sectors. We mediate only insurances of insurance companies that cooperate with foreign partner insurance companies via an international network. Thus, we keep all options open for our clients to conclude international pooling agreements upon reaching minimum sizes in several countries and to possibly receive a multinational dividend out of that.

The insurance companies in alphabetical order are: Insurance products of insurance companies other than the ones stated are only mediated by Profion on clients' special request or if a special product requirement cannot be met in any other way.

Recommendations on ihk fur munchen und oberbayern adresse are regularly given acc. For this purpose, the clients are inquired about their needs and preferences via modern means of communication. According to the clients' statements, Profion will conduct a well-balanced market surveyextend the basis of information by clarifying all questions that have possibly emerged and advise the clients. Furthermore, Profion will in direct contact with the above-mentioned insurance companies' functional departments determine a basis of quotation adequate for each case.

If applicable, Profion will reconcile expert information in order to subsequently select on this basis the product complying with the particular client's case ihk fur munchen und oberbayern adresse consideration of i. In a so-called proposal, the advice incl. In the following, please find these details for our company:

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