Hdfc securities trading account demo

I have recently since around months started trading with sasonline. Today I had a demo from SASonline and found it to be satisfactory. Commission seems very low charging only 0.

Total amount with service tax. I had an account with them, with a RM assigned, so it was easier. If you use another bank, you get credit the next day.

Not sure if I can trust them. This makes the process simpler. There is no other charge. Religare charges me 0. Glad to be of help.

It is immaterial what happens to other stocks after the order is executed. I have recently since around months started trading with sasonline. Shares which you purchase on sasonline, can be sold through sasonline seamlessly. It takes two days for the stocks to get credited to your demat account from your client beneficiary account.

Hope it shows up properly. Thanks for the patient answers to my silly queries. Pay out requests upto 5. The brokerage rates are also cheapest in the industry.

Also I spoke with Geojit. I was earlier dealing with HDFC securities 0. No way they are willing to negotiate on brokerage.

Declined as I will incur opportunity cost. If you wish to transfer them to your linked demat account, you need to log on to the back office, and request transfer. I have not tried them, they charge 20 Rs.

They scheduled a demo and lets see how it goes. SASonline asks to have balance in account before trading, right. The http based platform is also decent.

I have not availed it, but there is also a Rs. On your GTC orders, the money is blocked before. Effectively, they get free float. Maybe you can overcome some of these issues with them.

So I simply keep the shares I am likely to sell in my client beneficiary account. There is another online brokerage, Zerodha, which gets good reviews. This is across all segments, i. I asked Kotak too. I asked Kotak too.