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The service is supported by redundant data servers and forex real time real-time server software. All maintained and developed by Sierra Chart. A large number of Forex pairs and CFDs are available. CFD stands for Contract For difference. These are not futures contracts but can be used as an alternative to them. The prices that these CFD symbols provide will not exactly match the futures contract price or the cash index price in the case of stock indexes, but they will be close.

You should not be concerned about the availability of the Forex real time Chart Forex data. The symbols are in the Forex and CFD lists.

Any other symbols listed are provided by other Sierra Chart data services. This symbol suffix cannot be used with Historical Daily charts. For the documentation for all of the forex real time suffixes, refer to the Data Recording Modes. The symbols are 6 letters each. More than 10 years of Historical Daily data is available. Currency pairs are written by concatenating the ISO currency codes ISO of the base currency and the counter currency, separating them with a slash character.

Often the slash character is omitted. There are not last trade prices provided from the source data feeds. This is typical of these types of markets. The Bid and Ask spread that you see, is set by the data feed source. Therefore, by default the price bars and last trade prices you see in a Forex or CFD chart are based on the midpoint or average of the Bid and Ask quotes. For example, when using the symbol EURUSD, the values of the price bars and last trade price will be based on the midpoint or average of the Bid and Ask quotes.

There are several other Data Recording Modes which can be used by appending a suffix to the symbol when opening a chart. They are as follows:. For complete forex real time, refer to Data Recording Modes. The Date and Time for each bar the chart is the starting time of that bar. Forex real time more information, refer to Time Scale on forex real time Working with Charts page.

Since there forex real time no central exchange for the foreign exchange markets or CFD contract for difference markets, generally there is no volume data available in these markets. However, in the case of Intraday charts, Sierra Chart forex real time able to provide volume data.

The method by which Sierra Chart uses to provide the volume data is based upon the number of Bid and Ask price changes that are received from the particular Forex and CFD quote provider. For every forex real time change, the volume is incremented by 1. Therefore, it is not forex real time true measure of actual trading volume. It only provides an indicative measure. When there is a change with the Bid and Ask prices, if the prices have risen, then Ask Trade Volume is forex real time by 1.

If the prices have declined, then Bid Trade Volume is incremented by 1. The opening time for a Daily chart bar is The ending time for a Daily chart bar is Live trading with FXCM is fully supported. This service provides real-time data for all of the major Forex pairs and provides real-time data for the cash prices for most major equity indexes, gold, silver and oil.

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