Co2 capture and storage a key carbon abatement option trading

A few weeks later, the two men picked up the conversation over the phone, explains Obersteiner: Then we tried to estimate costs. IAMs are computer models that analyse a broad range of data - e. Close Integrated Assessment Models: But a key tipping point in the story of BECCS came when climate scientists started to increasingly include it in their modelling for sub-2C emissions pathway scenarios, often to the point that they grew reliant on it.

Continuing our week-long series of articles on negative emissions, Carbon Brief has looked back over the past two decades and pieced together the seminal moments — the conferences, the conversations, the papers — which saw BECCS develop into one of the key assumed options for avoiding dangerous climate change. The long-run potential of such a permanent sink technology is large enough to neutralize historical fossil fuel emissions and satisfy a significant part of global energy and raw material demand. In earlywe had something to present and that is the material that I brought to Cambridge.

When I was preparing to write the paper for that Cambridge conference, I did some academic literature surveys and I could only find two or three papers that had considered power cycles or energy cycles with biomass and CCS. The appointment of the former senator from Massachusetts and one-time Presidential contender has been…. So new scenarios providing a better chance of 2C would be needed.

I started to give some talks about the combination of biomass and CCS in the late 90s. My recollection is that during the period of my early research we used a number of labels, descriptions and acronyms, which varied over time and across concepts and technological pathways. Glossary Carbon Capture and Storage: For a given amount, different greenhouse gases trap different amounts of heat in the atmosphere, a quantity known as… Read More.

What I did was to take this a step further and test the idea on a purely biomass-based system and acknowledge the fact that a negative emission is good, and that it should be rewarded in some way. I saw quite extensive emailing back and forth from the majority of the names that were in that paper discussing how to co2 capture and storage a key carbon abatement option trading the idea. When we did this work, we were looking at energy systems with a negative CO2 balance. My focus was on looking at the pulp and paper industry as a very important industrial branch in the Swedish energy system. However, biomass energy can be used both to produce carbon neutral energy carriers, e.

The work was published in in Climatic Change. All of the integrated assessment models IAMs are deterministic [ie, have a single outcome per model] and do not allow for risk management thinking. For climate research, specifically,… Read More.