Choice trade broker review

Yes, it is true that there is no order surcharge. Typically, other discount brokers will charge 1 or 2 percent on a per share basis over a threshold number of shares. ChoiceTrade has a good reputation in the industry, established over its nine-year track record of brokerage service.

Largely, this is because of their excellent customer service. Phone and live chat communication is available for all customers during normal trading hours and all emails are answered within a day. Where ChoiceTrade offers the biggest choice is in the technology arena. You have the option of no data feed at all. It has three important additions to the basic plan which give traders a head start in making good trading decisions.

Check this out with a month free before committing to buying it on an ongoing basis. The application is a simple online form. Also, there are no extra charges for penny stock deals or cancelled orders as there are with many other brokers. The cost savings from this alone, when compared to other broker platforms makes TradeChoice a very competitive choice. TradeChoice also lives up to the name in offering three different types of trading platforms.

All of the platforms are the latest in information and trading technology. If you have the time it really is a good idea to read through these before choosing which broker to use.

This broker, one of the first to offer its services over the internet is suitable for all trader types. It has a basic platform which is ideal for beginners and part timers, and an advanced platform for those that are looking for something more sophisticated. Both are relatively easy to use. Focused specifically on options, this broker is a good choice for both low and high volume traders thanks to the two separate commission plans.

The trading platform is functional and easy to use, and can be customized to suit personal requirements.

Click here to read our review of OptionsHouse. This broker is good all around and performs well in many areas. Its biggest drawback is the fact that it isn't very cheap when it comes to commissions. Many could consider the higher commissions well worth it though, because there are several useful tools and features they offer. You can read our OptionsXpress review by clicking here.

This online broker is well-known all around the industry by traders from all walks of life. They are especially known for their extensive features and tools that their customers have access to, as well as for one of the most advanced trading platforms available today.

Check out all that they have to offer by reading our TradeStation Review. It's also very easy to use which makes it particularly appealing for beginners. A big advantage, if you live in the United States, is the fact that you can visit any one of their branches nationwide for help and advice. You can find a full review of Scottrade here. Anyone that is looking to keep transactions costs down should consider TradeKing, as the commissions charged are very competitive. The drawback is that there's a lack of advanced features and tools.

You can still do most of what you are likely to want to do here though, and the trading platform is very user friendly. Click here for the full TradeKing review. TradeMonster is a good choice for big traders, because the commission costs are very reasonable when trading in high volume. It has enough advanced features to keep experienced traders happy and is also easy enough to use for beginners. Read our TradeMonster Review here.

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