Best penny stock trade alerts

Instead you will be trading generally on fully settled funds. Ultimately to stay a regular trader you have to follow the rules of that broker and limit your trading on the same money. Each broker is a bit different, but four or more trades in about five days gets you classified as a pattern day trader most places. Basic Choices to pick on the Screener: I choose ONLY fully reporting stocks.

I want US based stocks, too. These are fully reporting companies that are primarily listed in the United States. You can also click Canada if you like as well. I would stop there. The default selects them all. Growth is a Key on the Screener: For the initial screening, you decide what you want to see in a stock.

These are penny stocks. Later you will see how the entire chart history looks. Volume is irrelevant because many penny stocks are so low in price that they trade millions per day. Forget about them all. Throw out stocks that you find traded very little dollar volume for the past week or two.

My rule of thumb is that it needs to trade about 25 times per day or about times per week the dollar value of the position I am likely to buy or sell? Research These Companies Two Ways: Always do this first, before fundamental! It is too volatile? If the stock has had a reverse split in the past two years, throw it out. Look these terms up if you do not know them. Knowing about reverse splits is critical to trading penny stocks.

There are more technical items, but these are for screening. Fundamental Research is looking at the business the company is in, the press releases it puts out, the SEC filings the company files and how solvent the company is. Start with the SEC filings. Is the company current on its SEC filings? To make this list, most likely they are. But — sometimes they have just filed a notice that they will be late.

Many will have a warning that if they do not get funding, they are screwed. Are they being sued? Is their technology or patents being challenged by anyone?

Look for Form 3 and Form 4 filings to see if the major shareholders, insiders and company executives are buying or selling. I only bring stocks to the attention of my members that have strong intra-day gain potential. In other words… Pretty much all of my stock alerts are day and swing trades only! This is because the majority of penny stocks tend to be extremely bad long-term investments.

Not every stock I alert is going to do that but you see what I am aiming at here…. This is why I hunt for penny stocks that have actual potential to generate crazy intra-day gains for traders. Ask yourself this one question… Do I want to make potentially explosive short-term profits on a weekly basis?

The answer to that question should be an obvious: Tell me a little about yourself and your trading goals. Join Immaculate Stock Alerts right now to see for yourself….

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