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The firms' percentage score is based on the availability of its offerings as compared to the number one peers in each category. The review continued to use usage-based criteria questions with a commission model that analyses over 12, individual trades.

The study was conducted in June and July of using Surviscor's most recent Canadian online and mobile brokerage features, functionality and service data to support the conclusions. The methodology and results were jointly produced by Surviscor and MoneySense.

CLICK on any firm for more detailed information and educational content. Additional Canadian brokerage firms not mentioned as well as all Canadian banking firms can be found by clicking: Top Pick and Honourable Mention: Questrade and TD Direct Investing.

Questrade and Qtrade Investor. Top Picks and Honourable Mentions: Qtrade Investor and Desjardins Online Brokerage. The unfortunate thing is that large banks or even the big Canadian brokerage firms will charge you a bomb any activity done or even not done in the account. QuestTrade was established i n with the aim to be and do something different. QuesTrade started the process of reforming the approach to investment after witnessing the growing dissatisfaction among traders who just had to see their market profits lost in an inundation of different brokerage fees.

Here I will investigate the company and their products in terms of bad and the good. In fact I am not a very active trader and normally I take the buy-and-hold attitude as my investment style. When I purchase a stock it is for long-term. Sometimes I do feel like trading like a man possessed but has not really happened too often.

QuesTrade offer cheapest trading in Canada. Their price is so affordable that it encourages small and new investors to join and explore the investment game. It also attracts unhappy active traders from other brokerage agencies to transfer their account at no added fee. QuesTrade makes it clear that they have no annual fee, setup fees or inactivity fees which is a welcome change.

You may find some negative online reviews of QuesTrade. Before writing this review I read several of the complaints so that I am aware as well as can keep track of the issues. I was planning to list these complaints here but after checking that a number of them had been resolved by them I decided that they deserved another chance. I spent a few days using all their online tools, trading as well as trying to generate customer complaints; I can say that I did not face any problems.

I would say that either the company has fixed many of the earlier issues or they have been generated by novices who are not very familiar with the company policies and platform. Overall I had a very pleasant experience with QuesTrade. Low commission rate from QuesTrade is excellent and serves to attract trades who hesitate and wait to enter the market at the right time when they can cover all commission costs.