Apple options trading strategies

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Develops and delivers policy, services, advice and regulation to support business growth. You can experience the wonders of Korean cuisine at the moment your soup arrives, bubbling in a hot-stone pot with our delicious side dishes, including Kimchi, one of the most healthy foods. If the puts are not priced high enough to cover future expected losses, then it's a losing bet, no matter what we think of the fundamentals of AAPL.

Further, this is all just probability, but for the average trader realized losses up front can be devastating even if long horizon expected returns are positive. Here are some additional resources: The more the put selling strategy is studied and understood, it seems to be to be a safer alternative to buying the stock outright. However, the strategy works best when you actually want to own shares in the company at the strike price that the put option represents.

Then it is really a win win as you either, at expiration, own the stock at a lower price than the current market is offering or you keep the option premium and are able to sell a future months option to generate more income. Anyway, def worth looking into more and having fun trading This was very well written, thanks for sharing it. I am curious do you ever sell the calls as well to maximize the profit potential of the the trade? I realize this turns it from a bullish strategy to a nutral one but if you sell a far out of the money call you can still acomplish the same goal.

Only you as an individual can decide what percentage of your portfolio you wish to risk in any one company Disclosure: Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. I'm a fan of augmenting portfolio strategies with options, just need to consider all angles.