All about future and option trading in indian share market

Karthik, Which ones less risky options or day trading? NEST Plus is free to use. I also want to know whether the premium of call option will get reduced nearing to expirydate, if it so can I exercise my contract and make profit out of it?

Before expiry we have to pay the brokerage twice. October 25, at 9: Sir, in order to escape significant time decay, I wish to buy options whose expiry is 45 to 60 days away. May 21, at 6: However the problem with leaps in India is that they are not liquid, there are hardly any trading activity here.

I just want to know that buying a call or selling a put is same thing from the point of view that when market goes up you will be in profit. October 16, at This is because of the lack of liquidity and the associated volatility. May 26, at 5: November 29, at 5:

April 10, at Technical Analysis 20 chapters 3. OR a normal stock purchase transaction on expiry day will be treated as exercise? And also if market trends up again till Jan my prize also goes up?

March 23, at 4: July 7, at The article is super and your patience in answering each comment here is commendable too. Pl correct me if anything narrated above is wrong and pl explain about the situation of settlement. What is pair trading?

So in this it would Rs. July 23, at By the way 7th module is complete…you may want to check that. March 11, at 3: